Text Notification When Done



Yet another idea for a new feature.
Have AstroPrint send out a text message or IM of some sort informing when the print is done. It might also send a picture of the final object. Could be useful for people who want to use their printer the most efficiently.

Thanks again


Jonathan –


This would be an interesting idea for a potential APP on our platform (When we open up the API in the near future). It could be a “Text Notification” app that would interact with the various functions of your 3D Printer (print status, time remaining, error etc…).


You could also connect astroprint to ifttt.com to give it a wider range of control.


I use the email on print complete feature of astroprint. I would like to suggest an added function/field. How about adding an sms email address and have astroprint send a one line message to that address when complete?
Almost all cell phone companies provide an email address based on your cell phone number. If astroprint could email a single line message when it completes a print, you could get an instant text instead of a dozens of emails.(I print a lot sometimes!)
You can enter your sms email address now, but I would assume if you enter it as your notification email address, it will break that email into dozens of texts.

example of some cell company email to sms addresses:

Alltel [insert 10-digit number] @message.alltel.com
AT&T [insert 10-digit number] @txt.att.net
Boost Mobile [insert 10-digit number] @myboostmobile.com
Sprint [insert 10-digit number] @messaging.sprintpcs.com
T-Mobile [insert 10-digit number] @tmomail.net
US Cellular [insert 10-digit number] @email.uscc.net
Verizon [insert 10-digit number] @vtext.com
Virgin Mobile [insert 10-digit number] @vmobl.com


@Ed_Baker as a workaround you can set a similar thing up connecting IFTTT’s email channel and sms channel. This way of doing it is a little cumbersome because it still leaves an email in your inbox as well as texting you and it’s not instantaneous but it gets the job done for me.

With a minimal amount of coding the astroprint team could hook everything up via IFTTT’s maker channel which would allow for a LOT of possibilities beyond texts. All Astroprint would need to do is make a POST or GET web request to a custom webaddress https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/{EventName}/with/key/{PersonalKey} upon competition of the print job.


When the public AstroPrint API becomes available, this could certainly be a possibility.

Until then, would hack together a (slightly pain in the ass) solution with IFTTT etc :wink:


Ooh a public API sounds interesting! Is that something we could expect in the near future?


I checked IFTTT and at $3,000/year to have a channel in there, it’s a bit out of our range… We’ll look into other options.

Astroprint & IFTTT

No ETA, but I can tell you that a lot of it already exists and we are testing it. Also need to write documentation for it :slight_smile: Stay tuned!


Oh dang that’s quite expensive to have your own channel. Maybe there’s a way to use the maker channel so you don’t have to pay to have your own? That’s a pretty niche problem/solution though


Yes the maker channel is good option. I’ll look into it


It would be nice if there were two email options, one for your main account, and an optional one just for notifications.

Or something like Pushbullet or another cross-platform notification engine might be useful too.


Would maybe a marker like [AstroPrint Notification] in the subject do the same job? Would it be possible to filter by that?


Yep, that’s enough for someone to enable a filter in something like Gmail, and have it forward to another address (e.g. your phone, via @Ed_Baker’s helpful list) .


It’s done. All print notification emails now have [AstroPrint Notification] in their subject line



Now i can remove may haphazard filtering.


Thanks Daniel


Any word on the API ? :slight_smile:


It exists – in private beta.

We are giving early access to potential app developers.

Are you a developer? At @Daniel’s discretion, you might be able to get early access :wink:


I’m not a professional developer, just an amateur in my spare time. Anything I make I’d gladly give back to the AstroPrint community though :slight_smile: