This might be stupid but how do I choose extruder?


So when I generate a print file, how do i change from right to left extruder to print from?

Sorry if I’m the only tard who cant figure this out :smile:


Dual extrusion in our slicer is only partially supported. Mostly in the area of using the second extruder for support material.

At the moment single extruder prints will always print from extruder 0.


I’m part happy and part sad about the answer, it means that I’m not THAT stupid :wink:
I hope that we soon can see the possibility to print from 0 and 1.

And thanks for a awesome software!


BTW is there some way to edit a config to set the left to default?


At the moment there’s no way to change this. It will always print using extruder 0. Extruder 1 can be setup to print supports when you use Cura as the slicer


I use Matterhackers Mattercontrol software to do 3d printing.
There is a nice tutorial on website for using cura and makeing your own support material. It talks about setting up dual extrsion.
If you let us know what app I can help more.


+1 for adding the feature to select between extruders.

Other than this, I really appreciate the hard work you guys are putting into this project, which is by the way already awesome!


Where in the code can i change default extruder 0 to 1?


T0 or T1
it stands for tool o & 1


Has this feature been added yet? I’m trying to print to my left extruder but it seems like I can only print on the right extruder through Astroprint.


Not yet. It’s likely going to be much farther down the road.


Ah, no worries - I’ve switched the spools for now :blush:

I don’t mean to be cheeky - just inquisitive, what makes it difficult to add the extruder choice to the program?


No worries :smile: – The dual extruder problem is a rather complex problem to tackle at the moment. It may seem like a simple tweak, but we have to consider a whole bunch of other factors (different printers, our resources, priorities, how it will affect most of our users etc…).

Don’t get me wrong, Dual extruder support is an inevitability, but right now, the timing is bad. Believe me, I have a Dual Extruder Creator Pro right next to me – so I know the pain :wink:


Does this mean that using a second extruder for support is not supported. I havent installed my second extruder yet but I was thinking about doing it this weekend. No point if it wont astroprint.


Haha I’ve got a Creator Pro too! Just sort it for that, it’ll be fine, everyone else will understand :grin::joy:



If you create your GCODE or X3G files in another program and upload it directly to the AstroBox, it will print with dual head.

Slicing with using a second extruder for support IS supported.

*edited for accuracy


You really can’t choose default head to be the second one? Our first extruder is broken so we are currently using the 2nd head for printing. But if we can’t choose head 2 then I can’t print anything?


At the moment, you can’t chose your extruder in the AstroPrint slicer or the AstroBox UI. However you can edit your Start GCODE commands from the printer profile to select your desired extruder via GCODE commands. Do this before you create the print file, and it should be fine.


Thx for tip :slight_smile: using two extruders too but for slightly different reason than supports. Because one have PTFE for complicated PLA prints and one full metal for all other prints…

Two extruder support in future for cloud slicer would be nice!


Dang, I swapped a Dreamer yesterday for a Creator Pro simply so I could use Astroprint with it. Now I find I cannot use the active cooled extruder for printing PLA, PET etc. What a real shame. I love Astroprint (have it running on x4 Pis) but more and more seeing the need to switch back to Octoprint :frowning: