Time lapse gone?


Whenever I go to view my print, the capture options are gone.

I used to be able to capture by layer, or by minute etc. That entire section is missing in FireFox for me.


Can you take a screenshot? I can’t see anything wrong when I’m testing.


It’s gone on mine too. Latest update, if i select to take a picture, the time lapse option is gone. while i’m glad video is fixed in chrome, this going away is a bummer.


@Brian_Manning is not meant to go away and we didn’t see this in our tests. Could you send us a screenshot and let us know your browser version?


Continuing this old conversation…

Same here. I’m using Chrome Version 65.0.3325.146 and can’t find any settings for timelapse video



The timelapse options are available when you’re printing in the print screen, not in settings. They located right under the image section to the left.


Doh, I see it now. Thanks Daniel!



Hi there!

Has anybody an screenshot on that option? It doesn´t show to me, At least I am not able to fid it



Hi, still not able to find it, anybody can help, please