Timelapse capture turns off in the cloud if the Internet connection is disconnected

Figured in addition to my other thread I’d mention this, though since there’s no “bugs” category I figured this would be the next best thing.

I’m currently trying out another print, and I set it to take a picture for a timelapse every layer. Midway through the print, my home network connection momentarily dropped (it’s an ongoing issue) and when I reconnected to the cloud service I noticed that my printer was briefly listed as offline, as you’d expect. When it came back up and updated the current print status, I saw that the timelapse had been turned off on the cloud service, while on the AstroPi it was still capturing it. I’ve since turned it on twice on the cloud monitor, but it keeps switching back off there. As it turns out, the timelapse does sync at the end, but it would be nice if the timelapse setting synchronized as well.

Also, since I figured this didn’t warrant a second thread, would it be possible for the cloud monitor to show pictures in the correct aspect ratio? With my Logitech C270, it correctly shows up as a 16:9 image on the AstroPi and 4:3 in AstroPrint.

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Thanks for this! Very much appreciated. They have been noted and scheduled for investigation and fixing.

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