Touch control doesn't work

First of all, thank you very much for your work on Astrobox.
I can’t wait to use it.

I bought a licence for the touch version. Installed it. And the screen shows the language selection. However for some reason, the touch control doesn’t work. I tried to connect a mouse - it seems to work (but i’m blind - no pointer appears). Please would you know what could be the issue with the touch control ?

My screen is a 5" HDMI resistive touchscreen. It looks quite similar to the waveshare one
On the back of it is written 5inch HDMI LCD for PRI
(with touch screen) 800x480 pixel V2.02

Many thanks for your help !


These are the touchscreens we support out of the box:

Unfortunately, yours isn’t listed and thus it won’t work unless you manually install the drivers. Check with the screen manufacturer on how to install the touch drivers.

In case you need to enable SSH, here’s how:

If this is too advanced for you, I would recommend getting one of the supported screens as drivers for those are already in the image

Thank you @Daniel.
I found the right drivers and have finally been able to configure it properly.
Now i just need to do a backup of the SD Card and i’ll be safe :wink:

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Great to hear @Jerome_Buniet, would you mind posting here where to find the drivers and instructions?

You might help others in the future