Touchscreen Displays


Hi, can anyone help with this. I have this screen;

Can anyone help with it not connecting to the pi and showing astrobox please?


I have just got one. Just connect the hdmi from the screen board to the pie.

It is full screen, which is a bonus. But I can not find the toich drivers for the pi


How hard would it be to add a mouse pointer so that people like me who’s Pi screen died can
use another screen like the one above?

I have tried a wireless mouse\keyboard with the PI, but no kind of navigation on screen.

By the way, the screen above works great with Astrobox software. Full screen out the box.
I can’t find the drivers for the Pi for it :frowning:

But if it will work that’s another screen that will work with astrobox.

I have this one that has a touch screen

Found the drivers :smile:

Does anyone know which drivers I would need and how to install them?
If it works it will be great for us. I don’t mind being a beta user :slight_smile:


@Terry, implementing mouse control for our software is not in the cards. It’s outside of what the product is supposed to be.


Thank you.

How do I got about installing the drivers(posted above) in to astrobox?
would it be easy or hard?



I don’t really know as we don’t support that screen. It would depend on your linux knowledge. You would need to SSH into the device and follow their instructions. Here’s how you can SSH into your box:


Inside the drivers package is instruction how to install it. Get debian part.