Touchscreen Unresponsive on DIY ABT

Hello AstroBox users! I just got started today with AstroPrint and love it so far! my only problem (after flashing the image file and copying the license and lid file into the AstroBox directory) is that the touchscreen is unresponsive. I’m currently stuck trying to select the language. I am running a brand-new Raspberry Pi 4 (model B) with a Waveshare 3.5 touchscreen (model B as well). This is the recommended hardware for a DIY AstroBox. All I’ve done is A) flashed the SD card and B) booted the Pi. I don’t know why my screen isn’t working. Is it defective? Or do I not have something configured correctly?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Make sure there’s nothing applying pressure to any part of the screen by the enclosing case ( if you use one ). If you don’t, it might be defective hw.

Thanks again! I have a new screen on the way! I will post an update when I get it all set up.