Trust WB 1400T Webcam


I have just got my Astrobox Touch working and tried to get the Trust webcam working, however when i plug it in,
i get CIF single Chip ‘incompatible camera connected’ . I thought, looking thorugh your FAQ’s that this webcam would work?.


Yes that camera should work, we have it at the office, unless the new versions changed something in the firmware. Can you post a photo of the actual error?


Hi Daniel

Many thanks for the reply, please find the images, cheers nick


The name of the camera “CIF Single CHIP” doesn’t seem right? Have you tried plugin it to other ports? Also it would be good to send us logs to analyze. Do you know how to do that?


I have tired in a different usb port, same issue, how do i enable the logs so i can send them?.


On your touch UI, you can go Settings / Network / Internet and note the IP address of your box. Then from a computer on the same network go to http://ip_address

On the browser UI you go to Settings / Sofware / Advanced and there’s an option to send logs to us.


Logs uploaded, cheers


Thanks @Nick, the shows an error parsing the response from the camera which indicates that the manufacturer has changed the firmware interface in new models of this camera. We need to look into it and see if we can fix in our side.


thanks, if there is anyhting i can help with let me know, cheers nick


Actually there’s something you can do. Let’s try to see if going via the Web UI gets the same result. You can do the following:

  1. On your Touch go to Settings / Network / Internet
  2. Note your ip address
  3. From a computer connected to the same network as the box go to http://ip_address
  4. On that Web UI, go to Settings / Camera
  5. Hit “Rescan”

Let me know what happens.


unfortuantley it still cannot find the camera if i select scan for cameras, cheers nick


Ok, Could you clear logs (so that i have a clean one), try again to scan for cameras and send logs.


hi, log sent, cheers nick