Ui tries to launch with incorrect ip


the cloud system is trying to connect on an old ip .30 instead of .55. i go go directly to the ip and connect just fine. how can you refresh the ip in the cloud system to reflect the current one. this seems to have become a problem since my last update a couple of weeks ago.


There was nothing the last update related to this, it might be something that was there but didn’t show up. Most likely your DHCP server assigned a new one and the AstroBox service didn’t notice. Rebooting the device should fix the problem.


Daniel - I get this when I bring up a new box. (1) setup box and connect to cloud, (2) goto router, assign static ip to mac (3) reboot the box, new ip address gets assigned and (4) when the astrobox reconnects, it often has the wrong local IP address (the old one).

Is there a way to force the cloud to forget a device? Or force a device refresh. I’m actually about to install salt on all my astroprints for management (more to learn salt/sensu) but would be interested in this. I also from time to time have problems with a device getting off the network, a reboot normally fixes it, but would be interested in how to force an update from the astrobox using a shell command.


Rebooting does not solve the issue. The ip eventually will refresh if the device is left o line for several days( usually over a week). As i do not print every day i dont leave mine online 24x7. I could assign a static ip but i would prefer a way to have the cloud refresh more frequently.

Going directly to the ip url works fine but it negates the convienice of having the launch button in the ui.


We had code to detect a DHCP refresh with a different address but I think the underlying OS has changed something and it’s not working properly now. We would need to look into this once other things are out of the way.


thanks for the update!