Updated Astroprint on two RPi, now neither are accessible

I’ve run these for a number of years now without much issue. Was prompted for an Astroprint update tonight, nothing unusual there, all appeared normal, when trying to access web interface afterwards I get 500 Internal Service Error on each. If I clear cookies or try a fresh browser I get the login screen, but after logging on with the correct password I again get the 500 Internal Service Error. I’ve rebooted the router and the RPis multiple times without impact, logged off of Astroprint Cloud and back on again, etc. Curiously, one of the printers shows as Not Functional in the mobile app, while the other shows normal- trying to log off the normal printer yields an error (“There was an error receiving the connection information. Try later.”) I’d provide the Astroprint versions, but, of course, I can’t access them.

I assume something has gone awry with my update- is there another certificate issue at hand? The fact that the login gui is accessible (and yields an appropriate error message on a bad password) leads me to suspect an authentication issue with the server.

This error has now been corrected with a new image version 0.19(4). You can re-flash your boxes with the image in our downloads page if you have a self mande AstroBox Gateway. If you have a purchased ABG or AstroBox Touch, please get in touch via support tickets for steps BEFORE re-flashing to avoid loosing your license.

I’m on the free account still but purchased an astrobox gateway. My version is marked 0.20(4). I’m a little confused on the versioning and could not find an easy pointer on this site to the versions and/or code repository.

All that aside, I reset my astrobox gateway to factory settings and reset the unit and now it is working perfectly again. Hope that helps.