Upgrade orignal Astrobox Touch

I have an early kickstart Astrobox Touch 5 inch I think.

Not sure why but it has become very slow not only the GUI but
loading G-Codes takes a really long time now. (did a flash card rebuild not too long ago which is when things started to seem to be slowing…maybe AB code has just outgrown the older pi.
(Wifi router is new and close so pretty sure it is not a wifi thing)

Maybe I have grown impatient, but can I just replace the pi3 with a pi4 move the
flash card and go? I don’t remember the touch screen interface and I know I
have to change power cables. Hoping if anyone has done this they can give me the
run down. I guess I could build up a new headless Astrobox but kinda like having the
local screen.

Probably need to mod the case too, if the model is still around or design a new one)

I continue to find the product useful even if I don’t use as much of the functionality as I once did.

Much Thanks to the AstroPrint team.

We’re still making boxes using the Pi3. Pi4 won’t give you a significant boost. I would look elsewhere, perhaps the amount of data on the device ( you can now clean up in the storage menu ), the speed of the SD Card, or perhaps your particular HW is somehow slow for some reason.

I do have quite alot of files both on the cloud and also on the astrobox.
I am cleaning up on the cloud to see if that helps,
but is there a quick way to clean up and remove
files from the AstroBox or must I click and delete each?

I really have little need for there to be any files on the box itself…I found the setting to just keep the last 10 but there seems like there are many more…not sure when I turned on that setting so maybe the accumulated earlier? Maybe turning it on should wipe all but last ten if it doesn’t already. Maybe I need to turn off and back on?

There’s a storage section under settings in the newer version of the astrobox software. From there you can wipe all files with one click.

okay got it, Thanks…all files wiped…setting to keep only 10…lets see if it helps.
Also trying to clean up cloud.

Storage related question but is there an automatic expand of the filesystem to match Flash card? Or is this a manual function maybe, or does it require a terminal command…I seem to remember this from way back…I ask because in the storage area it shows my total space is only about half of the card size…still should be plenty but just curious.

The card gets expanded on first boot automatically after a fresh refashion. Maybe something isn’t being counted. Not sure why it would show like that