Uploading gcode files to the print queue


Hi guys,

I love Astroprint and am using it on a daily basis. Looking to add a second printer (with astroprint) too. Since I am currently running the printer almost 24/7, the print que feature is looking great for me. Unfortunately, I cannot use it with the gcode files I make with Simplify 3D (complex stuff, can’t be done with your online slicer). So, it would be great if I code upload my gcode files to use with the print que. Nothing fancy needed like visualisations or animations (all files are checked beforehand), just the ability to use the gcode files in the print cue.

Thanks in advance for considering this!



Thanks for this. We add a section to add and vote on features so that we can hear clear messages of importance from the community. Please add your vote here: https://astroprint.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200094139-Feature-Requests?sort_by=votes


Thank you, I will do that!


This is supported as of today :slight_smile:


Great, this was literally the only thing I was missing!

But I am doing something wrong, since I cannot upload Gcode files. Is there a tutorial or something I can use?


there was an error before but you should be able now. Can you upload now? if not, could you describe what you’re doing?


Yeah, works perfectly now! Love it!