Uploading gcode to Astro cloud


Is it possble to upload Gcode to the Astrobox cloud? I would realy like this feature because I often use custom slicer settings. Everytime I try to upload now I get an error.



It’s not currently possible but something we will add: https://astroprint.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115010484766-Upload-GCODE-to-the-cloud


I would also find this very very helpful, and a necessary feature for me.


I also would like this very much.
I use Ideamaker as my slicer, its very good and it is the slicer I know the best.
in order to print now I have to upload the file to the raspberry pi local, and then start the print via the web interface. It is currently impossible for me to start a print via the app (even though I use an old mobile phone as my printers touch screen)

this means I always have a song and dance of loggin into and out of the web interface between my computer and the printer touch screen … for that matter can we have a look at the app, it isnt as functional as the web interface. For example, I cannot change the flow rate via the app.


This is supported as of today :slight_smile: