Uploading gcode to AstroPrint Cloud


ok…so i’m a bit confused at how to connect to my box locally vs through the AstroPrint website. i UNDERSTAND that i need to do this in order to upload gcode files instead of STL’s, i just can’t figure out how to do it. we’re both connected to the same wireless network, but all i can do is get to the website, not the box. head…hurts.

can i assume that you don’t allow gcode files to be sent to the cloud service because that would probably prevent anybody from using one of your linked services bureaus?



So Gcode is machine instructions that tells the head EXACTLY where to go and how much the extrude. The STL is a graphical representation of the 3D object. You need a slicer program to convert\chop the 3d Image (stl) into extruder coordinates (Gcode)

Fortunately for you DONT have to worry about that . Astroprint has a built in slicer. I assume you have a printer connected to and astrobox. somewhere ? If so you click files from the astroprint dashboard then you can select the stl file you want to upload from there. Astroprint converts that into Gcode for you that you can later print.

Another nice feature is the thingaverse icon. That lets you brows thingaverse fine something you like then click print right from there.


hi Terry. Thanks for the reply. Actually, I do understand the difference between gcode and STLs. i’d prefer to use my own slicer and send the files directly to the box. i’ve been able to do it in the past when i’ve been at home and on the same network (although i’m no longer able to for some reason). primary reasons for wanting to send gcode to the astro cloud is to be able to queue up several jobs remotely…sometimes.


@Kevin_Althans, we do plan to allow GCODE upload to the cloud in the future. However, at the moment the system has some limitations that need to be addressed. It was originally designed to produce GCODE not accept externally produced one.

The reason it’s not done yet is because the overwhelming majority of our users don’t need this and we just have other things in front in the priority line. We do see this use case as valid for advanced users who like their own slicers and we’ll support it when time permits.

Regarding the problem of not being able to send GCODE to the box directly when on the same network, please open up a support request and we’ll work with you to address it.


regards, Daniel. Thanks for the note. I fear i’m not expressing the true nature of my confusion…this is a user error, not a software error. I can’t figure out how to get back onto my local/direct Astrobox connection (the mode when i can send gcode directly to the Pi).



Threre are two ways to ‘get back to the local box’…

First you can put the astrobox IP address into your browser…It will ask you to log in and in a typical set you will just enter the same credentials that you use to get to the astroprint web site.

The other way is to go to the Astroprint website and click the ‘Monitor’ icon on the dashboard.
This will take you to the online monitoring app where you can choose your astrobox and click camera/controls button… this takes you to another screen where you can ‘launch astrobox’ with which will then take you to the local web page for your Astrobox. (on my system it opens in a separate tab and I just leave both the web and the local table open. This local tab is the same page you would get if you use the IP address method above. From there you can upload G-Code via the File Manager.

Given the number of clicks, I prefer just keeping a link in my browser to the local Astrobox address.
It helps if you set your astrobox up with a fixed IP on your LAN.


When you’re on the same network as the box, simply go to astroprint.com, open the monitor app and click on the astrobox you want to access. Once on the astrobox page you can click the button that says “Launch xxxx” or the green round button on the top right of the screen


i think i know what might be happening. my printer is already working on a long job and the astrobox/pi attached to it probably won’t accept any new gcode uploads till it’s done, right?


Yes, when the box is managing an active print, you can only see the printing screen, no access to the file manager.


yahoo! yes! thank you so much for helping me figure out why i couldn’t upload gcode when i had JUST done it.

operator error (or rather, operator assumption)


I didn’t realize it allowed gcode uploads. It might be nice to add a reminder to the upload message when trying to upload to the cloud. I prefer the cloud interface for managing and arranging the files so that’s where I go to upload 98% of the time. But as I start to experiment with new slicers and slicer settings I may wish to upload some gcode. It’s nice to know I can do it now. Just wish I didn’t have to search in the forums to find that out.



On a sorta related topic…Is there anyway to get uploaded G-Code to the Cloud?
I like to manage my stuff on the cloud as well, and you never know when the astrobox might
need a refresh taking all the uploaded G-code with it. I generate more complex G-Code using a more up-to-date and flexible version of Slic3r on my computer…so this is something I run into from time to time.

What I would really like to do is upload the STL to the cloud and optionally have the ability to upload rather than just cloud slice to get the gcode…seems like this would not be too hard to implement if there is not some way to do this already. Icing on the cake would be a way to also upload my .scad file and have it associated with the same model…now I could have the source, the STL and the various G-Code variants all in one place…of course getting all the local functionality of newer versions of slicer into the cloud would be candles on the cake I guess…:slight_smile:

Thanks…looking forward to my new astrobox touch…yeah!!!


Both GCODE uploads and new slic3r integration are schefuled to be done this summer. Sorry it’s taking so long


great to hear! I have been waiting to upload gcode in cloud instead of browsing via local ip :slight_smile:


Is there any update on this feature? It would be very useful.


We’re getting a lot of requests. I have started a system where requests can be upvoted. We will then take them up based on voting. Please add or upvote your most important requests here:



This is supported as of today :slight_smile: