Username/password for console login to Astrobox Gateway?


In preparation for receipt of a Prusa i3MK3 kit soon, I installed Astrobox on a Raspberry Pi and set it up on our home network. It seems to be functioning normally, except that I have no 3D printer to connect it to yet. I can log in to it remotely from another computer using the username/password I have for

Just by way of poking around a little, today I attached a monitor and keyboard to the Raspberry Pi before starting it up as as Astrobox Gateway. After all the boot processes scrolled up the screen, it comes to a line “astrobox-XXXX login:”, looking for a username and password. However, it does not accept the username/password I use for the site and to access the Astrobox remotely.

Is there another username/password I should be using? Or is there no point in going any further logging into the Astrobox console?



User: pi

Pass: raspberry

That’s the default Raspbian login, so it is a good idea to change it. :wink:

Yeah, there’s really no point.

We have designed Astroprint precisely to avoid that sort of thing :wink: