Video not working

I have a Logitech C270 camera that only works for video streaming once in a while. It always works for pictures but even after reboot and resend video always says failed webrtc

It’s likely a browser compatibility issue with WebRTC, not the camera. Check out this compatibility list to make sure.

The camera is fine (I can confirm as I use it fine with Astroprint) – but, WebRTC is not (yet) up to speed as far as compatibility goes.

Since you said “…once in a while…” — I am not entirely sure if the above is the actual issue though.

P.S: you could theoretically get a User Agent switching plugin for your browser to fool webRTC, but I cannot confirm the effectiveness of such strategy :wink:

I have tried every browser I can think of to no solution.

Please send us logs via the advanced settings menu so we can take a look at what might be going ob

I sent them via the dasboard

Got them. We need to analyze them

I am having the same issue with my c270

I also face the same problem with C270, it stream or take photo for a short time then it stop

Same issue here. Logitech B525 set to 1280x720 resolution, Chrome as browser, Astroprint 0.10.(1) on a Rasberry Pi 2b. The Video has bad quality and freezes after about 5 Minutens. Sometimes it gets stuck in a way that i have to reboot the Raspberry Pi 2b.

When a print is going on video freezes earlier and even after the print has finished the video straming can not be estabished again for a long time. I get the message similar to go back to desktop and try again later.

Video has lots of problems. We’re working on lots of fixes. Sorry about this, please be patient

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Thanks, trust you will come up with lot of good improvement in the next update.

any suggestion for temporary fix or sugesstion will be great.


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