Video streaming - VP8 works - H.264 doesn't


Hi :slight_smile: I’m trying to get H.264 streaming working with a Pi B1 (2012)

VP8 works ok with two basic and cheap cameras but not H.264 anyone with any ideas ?

Thanks for any help

(MJPG streaming works when using same setup with Octopi)


MJPG is not WebRTC (or H.264) and it will not work across networks. To provide our users with video from anywhere on the web (not just in their local network) we use WebRTC.

There are some browser limitations on WebRTC at this point due to the technology being fairly new. Below is an article we wrote about it. Chrome specially has become hard to work with since version 56. We’re looking into why H.264 stopped working in Chrome.

Although we highly discourage this, if you’d like to have similar support as the OctoPi using MJPEG, you can do this with the AstroBox as well, simply follow these instructions:


where do I find the Image/Video Settings? Im trying to chage it to vp 8 like my phone browser says to but cant find in on the astrobox or my phone or my laptop!!!


You can change it under Settings / Camera in the astrobox web ui. The web ui can be accessed by going to the box’s IP address with a browser on the same network