Webcam focus point adjustment

I bought a camera for my astrobox and the camera works great, but it seems to have its focus locked to a pretty far distance.

The camera’s focus is controlled with software and I can’t seem to find a good placement for the camera as its either too far away but clear, or nice and close but everything is blurry.

Is there a way we can get the ability to either have advanced camera options made available to us (like Octoprint’s camera_usb_options), or allow camera focus point to be an option/slider? I’d love to be able to use those even if its buried under a “Advanced users only” section or something.

Thanks for this. What camera is it ?

When digging up the product page it looks like it’s a fixed focus camera, but it also says it’s 1080p although Astroprint seems to fail when attempting to change options to 1080p… could be misleading specs on the product page/box as the box says it’s auto focus.

I’d still appreciate the advanced options to make tweaks to see if I can push higher resolution than what Astroprint seems to allow.

Here’s the link of the webcam on Amazon, it’s a generic camera with plug and play drivers: