Webcam resolution


Hi! I’m using this Webcam from trust ( ) and it works quite well, both video streaming and pictures capture work without problems.
BTW it only works in 640x480, the camera resolution is 1280x1024, when I try to set 1280x720 quality in settings I get this error: “The resolution is not supported by your camera”.
Is there a way to force the camera quality for ex. to 1280x1024?



Are you connecting to it on your mobile device/tablet? Because i get that error too. But on the PC it works fine. A little slow to connect but it works.


I have same issue on mobile and desktop browsers :confused:


Please read this about browser support for WebRTC video streaming:


It’s not a browser problem, the video works in low resolution, I need to know how to set an higher resolution when I have a 1280x1024 camera and I have to use a 640x480 Res.


Oh sorry I misread the problem. This usually means that the Linux driver is not listing the higher resolution as one of the valid ones. That resolution is not in our list at all so we need to add it to the list.

I have added an issue for this:


I have been able to set higher resolution by editing the option value in html code.
Now when I take photo with camera it takes images in 1280x1024.
But I still have problems with video streaming, could it be that mi Rasp1 is not powerful enough to stream an higher resolution video?

If i set camera in low res, both pictures and video work just fine

If the problem comes from a rasp1 not enough powerful, it could be a solution to split image resolution in 2 sections: video and pictures. :slight_smile:


It’s possible a Rasp1 is single core…


Does that have something to do with the webcam? I mean, the configuration of your webcam, is it powerful enough to support so high resolution? Some webcams offers only low resolution. So while choosing a web camera, do take this into consideration.