What happens if I insert pause code into gcode?

I haven’t tried this yet. But if I insert pause code into my gcode will my box pause and then wait for me to resume the print? I’m hoping to do this for some custom multi color prints but I haven’t tested it yet? Just not sure the box will recognize the pause code?

What GCODE exactly would you insert?

No sure exactly. Any pause or filament change code I suppose. Probably M76 or M600?

Version 0.16(8) added support for the M25 command:

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TL;DR: At least on the Prusa Mk3S, M600 doesn’t work with Astroprint.

I am currently working on a new model that requires the insertion of magnets halfway though the print process. On my Prusa Mk3S I use the M600 code to pause the print. When I print from the SD card, everything works fine. If I print from Astroprint, the print pauses correctly, the nozzle moves to its waiting position, but it I select Resume on the printer the nozzle moves back to where it’s supposed to resume but then the print just stops. In Astroprint Monitor it looks as if the print is finished.

That is correct. We implemented M25 as a pause command. Not M600, that command doesn’t mean anything to an AstroBox, it’s simply passed on to the printer.