What printer models do you love?

We want to hear about what printer models you love! Also, why do you love them???

We have been using our Airwolf3D printers for over a year and a half with almost no problems whatsoever. We replaced the nozzle once, recalibrated the bed a couple times, and other than that it has always worked…
Can’t say enough good things about Airwolf!


I’ve my selfmade mendel with dualextruder and headbed.

I like these mashine but in moment i’ve some trouble with the mechanics.


I have a Rostock Max V2… Single Extruder for now but we are making it a dual in future, angel eye lights, better cooling for PSU, Cartridge Heater, Screw in Thermistor, Better fan for the Rambo. etc :0


Three printers that started as Printrbot XL Simple 1311 to 1405. All have ben heavily modded and print 8"x12" at least. Working on converting one to dual extruder now.


I have a CEL Robox, would love Astroprint support

I LOVE MY CTC (MAKERBOT REP.) DUAL EXTRUDER! I wish astroprint supported it already, BUT BETTER LATER THAN NEVER!! :smile:

I have a homemade rostock with a E3D extruder!. It work flawlessly with Astrobox (although i really like to fine tune the slice options).

I love my CTC printer (flashforge creator clone, I think also like a makerbot clone). I am here to wait for astroprint to support my printer, I would really appreciate this :slight_smile:


I love my Wanhao Duplicator 4S (Makerbot Replicator Dual Clone) and would like to use with Astroprint.

Any news on the Makerbot support??

I have 2 Airwolf3D printers.
The first one is a 5.5 model and it is still a solid printer. I modified it to quickly change extruder so I did have to clean it out for different filiments. The other printer is a HDR. I am still in the process of setting it up as it is brand new. :smile:
I have been 3d printing things for 4 years now. I have written some articles for Airwolf3D and have helped out with making some of the XL frames. Best printer all around.

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I use a Wanhao Duplicator 4S with Astroprint.

Works like a charm, only issue is that Astroprint does not show the second extruder(left) temperature nor a slide bar. It does extrude when selected in the control tab, and it does heat when the .x3g files tells it to. Other than that it has been pretty useful. Would really like the support for the second extruder though

I run a Lulzbot TAZ 5 printer.

This is my first printer. Love the huge print volume, print quality and ease of use. The hexagon hot end is really quite nice. The ability to print in virtually any filament type is terrific.

Working 100 percent with Astroprint.

What board?
Got a minimax wondering if ramb0 will work.


I’m using the K8400 from Vertex. I use it because he has two Extruder and a SD Card Slot for stand alone print. He works greate with good accuracy. The smalest step is 0.05 mm and is with 650,-€ a cheap solution i think.

So far here are the printers I’ve enjoyed:

Deezmaker Bukito (fast)
PrintrBot Simple Metal (heated bed and nice build area)
MonoPrice MiniDelta (who doesn’t love a delta)