What webcam model are you guys using?


Hello Astroprint friends,

I’m looking for a webcam for my Astroprint setup on my Pi2 for the Live feed.

Would you guys share your experience with your setup. What BRAND and MODEL are you guys using? and also how pleased are you with it!

It would be nice to have a thread that can be use as an archive of webcam compatibility too, apart from the ones officially recommended by Astroprint.



I mostly use the Logitech C920 :wink: – no complaints.


I use an iHome cam I picked up at MicroCenter for under $5. Only 640x480 but it have it mounted to the printer close to the action. I has led lighting but my printer is lit so i can’t say how well it would work. Nice thing it does have a focus ring which is goid when using clise up like I do.

It worked well and was plug and play with astroprint ver8. Was a bit weird in early ver 9 release but better now and Daniel says the remaing issue is resolved in the upcoming release.


Well I started to use an old USB camera that came with Sony 1080p tv and it was ok but I didn’t prefer it to a direct connected. So now I bought of Aliexpress a 1080p Pi camera with night vision (IR) and I have the LEDs off, but glows at the end of a print. Works great.

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Got a link to the camera?


Hope this helps

Oh also, you should put some heatsinks on the back of each IR LED, as in they will heat up in full use (AKA Darkness).

Remember to enable Camera in your O/S flavour.


Cool, Thanks @Ivan_Brebner!

We haven’t tested this particular camera so it’s great to hear that it works well! :slightly_smiling_face:


Day Light

Day again

Night (LED OFF)


I am using a Logitech C615, but lately it’s lost its autofocus, so my vids are a little soft. I’m curious: Is anyone using Nest Cam or Wyze cam with success? I have an extra of each I’d prefer to use.


I am also using the IR Pi Cam but you will need to budget for a longer ribbon. Mine came with a 150mm ribbon which is a pain in the a$$. I ordered a 610mm ribbon from amazon for $4.XX.


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