Whats updated in 0.1.11?

I saw that my desktop app did an update (0.1.11) but without any information on whats updated. Is there a place where I can find this information?

It would be great to know since there is slicing issues with the app, making it useless and hence no one (at work) will use it. So without any place to scan for The update, with the fix, there is no way for us to know when we are able to start testing again.

(fyi issue: slicing via the desktop app will remove top and bottom setting as well as changing filament to 2.85, its already mentioned here on the forum).

Yes, we need to work on a release notes link. This problem is now fixed and under testing for release 0.1.12.

What was fixed in 0.1.11 was the ability to detect local astroboxes via the printers app and “Print” -> “Local Printers”