Why is upload, download, slice, gcode etc so SLOW

Is there anything I can do to make this process faster? Uploading a file isn’t too bad. Trying to scale is more tedious than dial up internet. Just moving the curser back to change one number in a scale is loooooong pauses. So frustrating. Then download says 100% and just sits there. Yesterday I was able to do the whole thing must faster. The thing is, if the functions of this are remote (not on my ipad pro), then why are they slow? My data is fast, my device is fast, but it’s just loooong waits for each step.

What can I do to improve it? Is a paid membership faster? Are free accounts delayed? I did this yesterday and it was reasonably quick. Trying today, same parameters, it’s been 2 hours and I still don’t have a slice. Sorry for the complaining, but waiting for advanced machines to do something is truly frustrating… Advice would be really appreciated.

It probably has to do with the complexity of your STL. Can you put a link to it here or if you don’t want to share publicly, create a support ticket and send directly to us.