Wifi hotspot on pi 3?

Can’t you use this method to get a hotspot using the internal wifi. A repeater needs two simutanous wifi connections to work.

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Thanks for this. We already have code to launch a hotspot in a wifi device. The problem is keeping the hotspot up while connecting to a wifi network nearby.

The Realtek concurrent mode basically creates 2 wifi virtual devices out of 1 dongle.

The Repeter example describes a bridge betweeen the Ethernet interface and the internal wifi. I don’t see in the example where two wifi devices are used.

@Daniel please have a look at the link below.


I have followed the instructions and it works.

Being able to use the built-in wifi would be great.

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This is GREAT! I’ll be taking a look. We’d love to get rid of the extra dongle requirement :slight_smile:

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Awesome! :innocent::pray:

Thanks for sharing @Mehmet!

I don’t think you need to go in that much technicalities to get connected to a mobile wifi hotspot. I am using Verizon MiFi and I am no issues connecting any of my devices to it.

The repeater shown on this website is specifically a way to bridge a wifi network to another wifi network. It is connecting to a wifi and then making a hotspot for devices to connect. There is no Ethernet involved and it even says not to use Ethernet. When you bridge Ethernet and the internal wifi, it is called a wireless AP or Wireless Access Point. Sprry for such a absence on the forum, as I was just digging through old emails and fount this specific one