Wrong date/time

I set the all the locale settings to my location, but the date a time are wrong. It is currently may 14 but my raspberry pi thinks it’s January 5. I can set the time with the date command but as soon as I reboot it it changes back to January

This is very common for raspberry pi as it doesn’t have an internal clock. Our software updates the time via the network but you need to boot it up with a network connection. Either a wired connection or a configured WiFi

My raspberry pi has a Connection to the internet. I can access the Astro box from my local network and I can ping Google from the raspberry pi but the Astro box won’t show up in Astro center. I’ve also tried updating the Astro box but it fails every time.

With a wrong date, you won’t be able to access our services because the SSL won’t pass the time check as it would think the certificate is in the future.

I understand I need the correct date my problem is I can’t get it to keep the correct date.

Two possible reasons for this:

  • Your RPi has a delay when connecting to the network and the time is not sync’d before the astrobox starts
  • you can try to install ntp in your rpi: sudo apt-get install ntp then reboot