Wrong stl format


Hi folks
i’ve got a couple of problems if anyone can help. Printer wanhao D9

1st im using the desktop software to add my model and slice it when i come to print it i press print then search local printers (astrobox ready) click print sending to printer then it says wrong format cannot load,im using astroprint to slice the file?

2nd problem is installed astroprint on my raspberry pi (software only) everything working exept for the screen it stays white it is one of the supported screens,i have ssh into it to try and install the driver using putty but nothing is happening.

any help would be great.


Can you post your STL file? I can try slicing / printing it to confirm that it won’t print.

What screen are you using?

What driver are you trying to install?

What do you mean by “nothing is happening” – are you able to SSH in? Do you get any error messages?


the screen im using is a 3.5rpi display
xpt2046 touch controller one that is recommended,
astroprint works fine on the pi its just the screen stays white

i edited the config file and put in waveshare35a

i ssh into it and tried to install the driver using a tutorial i found

but to be honest its way over my head.

as for the stl file astroprint app on my pc wont find the printer now (searching the local network) so im copying the file to a sd card instead.


@mark4, There’s no need to install any drivers. That screen is supported by our system. However you need to make the changes to the configuration files BEFORE you boot the software. The first boot is the only one that does configuration tasks. So let’s do this:

  1. Send me a private message with your license id so I can reset it.
  2. Start he process of reflashing over but this time make sure you set SCREEN_DRIVER to waveshare35a as indicated here BEFORE you put the card on the pi