A few questions about astroprint

First, I would like to say that Astroprint is really the only game in town that can allow things like cloud slicing and printing on ordinary 3d printers. I am surprised that more schools / universities are not using this. I am experimenting with this software for our 3d printer lab at Murray State University. I also plan to present it at 3d experience world this year. There are a few things that I have questions about.

Astroprint plugin for octoprint works great with the exception of needing to be an admin to use the plugin. I have an octoprint profile for students and I don’t like giving them access to do things like change passwords or add/delete plugins. Why does astroprint require admin access?

Thanks for the kind words and support!

The plugin does need quite deep access to the system in order to forward the necessary information to your account in the cloud. The OctoPrint security system mandates that the admin needs to be logged in when the plugin is active in order to access all the things we need to access.