Anycubic Chiron

Hi there. Can anyone please tell me where I can find information on how to set up Anycubic Chiron printer to use with Astroprint as the Anycubic Chiron is listed as a compatible printer in the compatibility list. Whenever I try to connect the printer to my Astrobox Gateway Pi I hear the beeps to let me know that the printer is connecting but it gets stuck on “connecting”. I also have cycled through all the connection settings and also tried the experimental comms driver.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It has been reported that a firmware upgrade fixed this issue

Daniel, in your website said thats chiron is supported by comunity, i cant see any profile to chiron, just people thats had problem to use astroprint with chiron. Were i find chiron profile ?

We don’t have a profile for it just yet unfortunately. Compatibility is based on the firmware it carries which means that the AstroBox is supposed to communicate with it.

You can create a custom profile .

I just added an experimental profile for the Chiron. Please test it ( we don’t have one ) and let me now if the start/stop GCODE seems right. If you have better ones, please post it here and I will update the profile.

El perfil anycubic chiron para mi funciona correctamente en las pruebas que he hecho. La función IMPRESIÓN SECUENCIAL-> Completar Objetos Individualmente. Parece no funcionar correctamente.
He hecho varias pruebas y ejecuta el gcode por capas en vez de por piezas completas. La opción la he usado ampliamente en prusa slicer y no se si se ejecutará en otras impresoras, en anycubic chiron seguro que no.

Los parámetros que le he puesto a la opción han sido 60mm de ancho cabezal y 100mm de altura sobredimensionadas parámetros y las piezas las he puesto sobre la cama virtual en cada punta de la cama para evitar problemas.
¿Como se soluciona?