Hello im new to using astrobox I have a pi4 which I would like to use, but im thinking of buying the ANYCUBIC MEGA X 3D Printer. I have two questions, is astroprint free to use at home, and is this printer supported.


Based on the specs of that printer, it should be supported but we haven’t yet had any reports of users of this printer.

AstroPrint is free to use for a maximum of 2 concurrent printers connected and other features. More information here:

Where do I go to report that I’m using this printer?

I’m actually currently dealing with trouble having the astrobox recognize/connect to the printer. But I’d also appreciate a premade profile made (I’ve already customized my own).

Edit: I was being an idiot and didn’t realize the astrobox was trying to connect to the webcam instead of the printer. I’ve done a few prints with the custom profile and things are working fine, but I’d love to be able to request an official profile to further simplify setup and let beginners such as myself feel more confident that it’ll work.

Nice. If your profile is working correctly I would just need the profile id ( the last bit of numbers and letters in the url when you open the profile in your browser )

I can then create a profile off of that

Here’s the printer ID. The printer is functioning as all of my prints have come out perfectly. The only comment I have is that I’m new to printing and not sure if I should be expecting different printer behavior in regards to where the head placement should be before/after prints, etc.

Printer ID: 041fea7720324ac6a02be24253c831fb

this is great news that there will be a printer profile coming

I have added the profile based on @Spencer_Burridge’s profile but change the slicer to Cura 3.6. If anybody has any suggestions for improvements on the start/end gcode, please post them here