AstroBox does not detect FlashForge Dreamer


Is the flashforge dreamer not supported or is there some other issue going on here. The printer is connected to a rpi2, but the astrobox web interface is unable to detect the printer. Although I am able to see the new device being recognized when I ssh into the rpi and run ‘lsusb’.


This printer is not supported at the moment


Sigh! I just bought all the parts to build a box for my Dreamer. Any idea of when you will support it?


I second that question. Right now I’m just holding out on buying the AstroBox until you introduce support for the flashforge dreamer.


Bump! Any updates from the Astroprint team?


@Kevin_Karagitz This is not only up to us. At the moment we’re not getting much response from FlashForge on this.


Out of curiosity, what do you need from them? I know there are a couple other slicers out there that work with the Dreamer. There are others here that I’m sure would be happy to email them and make some noise to try and get you help.



@Kevin_Karagitz They have changed something on the firmware that prevents us from sending commands over the USB port. It’s possibly a handshake that’s needed but we just don’t have any information about how to do it.


Thanks I’ll ping them too.


Does this problem apply to the FlashForge Creator Pro also? I have not been able to get mine to work with the AstroBox either.


@Edward_Priest no, we have one working. Make sure you select the x3g driver in your printer profile settings.


I have encountered troubles with using of simplify3d after updating Flashforge dreamer firmware to version 2.4.
After downgrading back to 2.3 it works. Siplify3d got the same problem with the handshake. Maby this will help to integrate support of FlashForge.

There is a topic


We’re not compatible with the Dreamer. Unfortunately FlashForge chose to keep their interface closed to 3rd part services like ours in their new models


I own a Dremel Ideabuilder 3D40, which also runs on Flashforge Dreamer firmware; I do not know which version.
I also purchased the Astrobox on Conrad, because they did recommend it as an supported device for the Ideabuilder.
Now I know that the Astrobox, until now, does not support Flashforge Dreamer firmware based 3D printers.
Is there any progression in your attempts to support Flashforge Dreamer firmware based printers?
Is there any chance that this support will be realized in 2017?
Otherwise, I will have to send back the Astrobox to Conrad.

Simplify3D works with my printer !

Thanks in advance


There’s a good chance that your printer will be supported this year.


What’s the probability that the Dremel printers will be supported in the near future?