Astrobox Touch does not connect to Printrbot Simple Pro (Model: 1608)


Tried every combination of baud rate, USB type and drivers but nothing. Tried turning the printer on first and then booting astrobox and every combination of.

Is this printer supported or are there settings I have to change?

Using the Printrbot because I am unable to use the left extruder on my Flashforge Creator Pro with Astrobox touch either. I can heat it manually and extrude/retract but cant use it to print. (my right extruder is slightly higher and I need to strip the machine down. None the less, I should be able to choose either.

So, right now have a new astrobox but can’t use it for either printer…


The Printrbot should be compatible and the extruder fix is already being tested by us, should be released to everybody mid next week.

Please open a ticket with us to research what’s going on with the Printrbot.


I’m having the same trouble with my Printrbot Pro. What does the Printrbot Pro screen do once connected to Astroprint? Anything? Just stay on whatever screen the user leaves it at?