Astroprint and Prusa Mini filament sensor

Prusa released a firmware upgrade for the Prusa Mini+ that fixed the issue that a filament runout was not properly communicated back to a remote control system.
Lots of positive reports from Octoprint users, who confirm the fix works.
However, I tested it on a Mini connected to Astroprint, and while the display briefly flickers when the filament sensor is triggered, the print continues. Printing from a USB stick directly correctly invokes the filament change process when the filament runs out, so the sensor works. Given that it appears to work with Octoprint (and at least one report from someone using the Astroprint plug-in for Octoprint), I wonder why it’s not working for a raspi running Astroprint directly.

Please change to the beta channel in software advanced and upgrade your software. That version should support this. Let us know how it goes.

I’m on the beta channel. It says I’m on 0.21(2). Do I need to update the pi firmware?

No, that’s good. The next step is to enable serial logs, open a support ticket and send the logs to us.

Make sure you log the entire sequence of starting a print and running out of filament