Astroprint + Octoprint +Cura 3.6.0 = FFCP2016


I managed to get cura 15.04 ja slic3r to work with astro, octo, gpx plugin and my ffcp.
The reason i started to use octo is to get newer Cura slicer to work with my printer and to be able to use astroprint on top of that… Without the need to everytime use external device to slice.

Im a noob on gcode, so i have only searched web and tried to copy paste settings.

The problem im having on cura 3.6 is that the bed will start to heat, but the extruder doesnt…

I know i didnt paste my starting gcode here and thats because i have tried so many different gcodes, so i didnt know what to use as an example…

Thank you!