Astroprint rpi 3 wont connect to ctc bizer


I am trying to connect My ctc bizer running the latest Sailfish to Astroprint, i have changed the baud rate to 115200 and profile to x3g but it just trys to connect for ages and times out.
Has anyone else come across this issue and have a way to fix it?

I use astroprint with my other 2 machines both of which have seperate Raspberry pi’s of their own running it(although both marlin)

It is compatible with the replicator 1 which im aware isnt the same machine but i have yet to find any other printer it hasnt atleast recognized?

I would appreciate any help!

To save on time wasting or dumb comments:

*I am an avid user of Astroprint.

*USB into laptop works fine with repetier host, repg and s3d and i have completed many prints via usb.

*I have tried different machines and reinstalled astroprint this didnt help.

*I have tried other baud rates than the stock 115200.

*I have changed the profile to x3g.