Astroprint web controls


Hello, I would like to know if its possible to have the same controls of the local interface on the web interface. By this I mean on the monitor app of the web interface to have the Movement controls, fan controls and the extruder controls.

Thank you!


It’s possible, but it’s very unlikely.

We have no plans on implementing printer controls from the cloud interface.

It’s generally not a good idea to be able to move the printer around remotely when you cannot see it as clearly as when you would stand in front of it…


Not saying I would use a remote control feature, however I keep a quality pan/zoom web cam pointed at my printer so in fact I can see it pretty well.

Also I would like a position readout on both the internal and external web apps. It would be handy not just in this case.

I will say that if temp changes are any indication motion control will be a bit odd due to internet lag.

Fan and extrusion would probably fine. Fan most of all.

edit: minor change for clarity.