Before Premium Plan Decision - Connection

Hi, now analyze to upgrade my plan to manage my 5 printers using astroprint on raspberry. Before this decision i need to now if:

I have all printers in my lab connected on the web by astroprint. I can manage, view the printer if i stay in other place, out the connection (for example other city). If yes i need change paramenters of router or with astroprint all run ready?

Thanks for support on decision

Yes you can monitor your printers and print jobs from anywhere and there’s no need to fiddle with firewall ports. Here are the network requirements which most routers satisfy out of the box:

Thanks @Daniel, i try to configure now astroprint by octoprint, only for testing with one printer. If access by web, outher connection i can shot a photo to control webcam, upload file, but not can monitoring and view live the webcam pi installed.

My question is, if i use complete and only astrobox, and set the configuration of the link you send me, i can able all monitoring option and live webcam by desktop?

Thanks for help me on this choise

Due to limitations in octoprint we can’t offer live stream video outside of your local network when using the OctoPrint plugin.

The AstroBox does offer live stream across network via WebRTC