Can I edit STL files online with AstroPrint?

Hey, I really like printing with AstroPrint. Is there a way to edit my STL files without using other software?

Hey Mickael. I’m not exactly sure what you are asking, but I’ll do my best to answer.

Although AstroPrint is not a CAD tool, we do offer some basic STL editing in our online Plating Application. BTW, this application just launched recently, so you may not have seen it before…

To get there: Log in and then click on the ‘Build Plate’ Application in the top row. Then click the ‘+’ to Add a Design to the Build Plate.

From here, you can do a number of STL editing functions, such as:

  • Duplicate/copy/clone the design (STL)
  • Resize designs
  • Rotate designs
  • Change the size/scale of the design
  • Rearrange designs on the build Plate
  • Align designs to a grid
  • Run designs through our ‘Lay Flat’ algorithm
  • Cut a design into smaller pieces for printing
  • etc.

Once you are done editing the Build Plate, click ‘Save Plate.’ This will save the entire Build Plate as if it’s a new model.

Quick note: We believe that CAD tools are FANTASTIC at what they do. We’d never want to compete with Autodesk (Autocad, Fusion 360), Dassault Systems (Solidworks), Blender, etc. They are great already! Our goal is to offer the ability to make modifications related to the 3D Printing process, while you are 3D printing… In this way we do offer ‘STL Editing’ in regards to rotating, scaling, resizing, cutting, etc, but we do not offer a full CAD solution.

I hope this helps!

I have been experimenting with thew Build Plate capabilities. Is there anyway to align multiple STLs to a grid that is centered on the page instead of in the lower left corner.

This isn’t something we can do now actually. But we’ll keep it in mind for future updates