Can you change slicer / print settings?

Is it possible to change any of the slicer / print settings? I am printing with a RepRapPro Mono Mendel. I used to use Pronterface & Slic3r and manged to get my settings right for successful prints. I have now installed the Astrobox software on my Raspberry Pi and love the look and feel of the software but I can’t get a successful print. I have tried both the available Slicer and Cura options but both seem to rush the early layers, where normally I would make these slower. Also how do I determine when the fan will come on? When in the controls screen I can set the fan on or off but once in the printing screen I can’t switch to the controls screen.
Looking forward to resolving these issues and getting some succesful prints.
Great work so far Astroprint team!

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Thanks for the kind words and two things regarding this:

  1. Advanced settings are coming in a couple of weeks. You will be able to override and set every single Slic3r/Cura settings before slicing.

  2. I would love to hear your thoughts about what settings you would change for the current “Draft”, “Normal”, “Best” preset qualities. It’s our intention that most people get successful prints without having to go “advanced”

By popular request we’re also adding fan controls in the printing screen in the upcoming release.

Thanks in advance!

I am looking forward to those controls. For me, the speed is alright, but the retraction speed or length is a bit much for my hot end.


Thanks for the reply Daniel. I will try the print via my laptop & slicer and if all prints well I will give you a run down of my current slicer settings.

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  • 1 for this, i used astrobox with a homemade rostock derivative printer and works very well but i need to be able to change the center of the bed to slice models with the astroprint account. This is because cartesian prints have the axis center at 100, 100 and mine have it at 0,0.

@Pablo_Arroyo when you create or edit your printer you can specify it to be a circular bed, which implies center in 0,0

Thanks @Daniel i will try that today!!

@Daniel It worked pretty well! Eager to try the advanced settings for slicing.

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@Daniel I have just noticed the Advanced Settings option when I upload a file which allows me to change a lot of the settings. Is that new or did I just miss it before?

This functionality is a few weeks old but not too old.

Desperately need to adjust fan speeds by layer. Been running into an issue with the fan coming on too strong on layer 2, depending on the size of the print this can give a thermal runaway error causing my prints to fail. More so with small prints. I find I have to play with the bed temp from layer 2 till layer 5 before it corrects itself. It drops down to 62 from 65 and the print fails unless I also adjust the herbed temp settings to 62 until it reaches layer 5 when I gradually increase back to 65.

Really need the ability to change the type of infill used. Rectilinear infill is only good in some instances there are 3D honeycomb 3D cubic and many other amazing infill styles that would be very useful to have access to change using astroprint. I’ve run into many situations where a different type of infill would have meant the difference between a failed print and a successful print

You can change this in the advanced setting link

Where do I locate that?
The only options I seem to have our field density top and bottom thickness and the choice to choose whether to infill the prints before or after perimeters I want to change the style of infill. Where do I locate this

This link shows a dialog with all the slicer options. Depending on the slicer your printer profile has set up, those options change but I believe they all have the options you’re looking for.