Can you please add support for the ELEGOO NEPTUNE?

Just got a new printer and astroprint is not recognizing it. I know I’m not doing anything wrong because I also have a Monoprice 3d Printer and it connects instantly when I plug it via usb to my pi 3. When I try and connect my Elegoo, the connection stays red. I believe the Elegoo Neptune is a rerap of the Prusa i3… but not certain.

I can’t seem to connect via Astroprint Desktop either. It doesnt recognize the usb port

I haven’t heard of that printer. Can you find out from the manufacturer which firmware it runs ?

So unfortunately it seems its running a custom firmware from the company called Elegoo 1.0. I guess i’m going to have to return this printer then ughh

Any news about making this printer compatible with AstroPrint? There are new printers now the Neptune 3 pro/plus/max.
I would love to use AstroPrint for this printer.

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