Cannot connect to astrobox (phone/computer)



I got a Astrobox yesterday and I just plugged it into powert and then connect with my phone and my computer to the wifi.

I entered http://astrobox.local but then comes an error message.

What can I do?




Hey @Andreas

When you go to http://astrobox.local what error do you see?

You can also try going to to access your AstroBox

Let me know :slightly_smiling:


ok it worked wth now I have problems to connect to wifi and my printer. I have a craftbot.


Hey @Andreas:

I answered your question on twitter as well :wink:

The answer was essentially the following: CraftUnique’s Craftbot is NOT standard Marlin/Sailfish firmware, their firmware is heavily custom and therefore is NOT compatible with AstroBox/AstroPrint out of the box.

Are we interested in integrating with Craftbot? Hell yes.

We have already mentioned our interest to the Craftbot/CraftUnique team (in person and online).

The best thing you can do is to let them know that you are interested in an integration with AstroPrint and CraftBot :slightly_smiling:


Ok i let them know. I already have 3 of them. Are you compatible with ultimaker? I also got one.


@Andreas: Not officially, but our users say that it does work fine – you might need to tinker a little bit though :slightly_smiling: