Cannot connect to astrobox


Unable to connect to astrobx. This began after shutting down computer. Next day turned back on and no connection. Is there a specific procedure for reconnecting. Tried entering http://astrobox.local/ then and no connection. What should I do next?


See if this link helps you.


Yes thank you. I tried that, still nit connecting. I had this happen before. After a while of turning it on and off it connected. This time it has been several days and still wont connect? Do you know how to uninstall and then reinsyall?


Im dealing with something similar where it always connects over wifi with my desktop but i go through your same description with my laptop and I can’t figure it drives me nuts


Do both machines run the same OS?


Could you share here your findings so that maybe other people with the same problem can get help?


So I went ahead and switched my windows 10 internet settings tofrom public to private and now I can access one of two.


Im having the same problem, I see the hotspot on my windows 10 PC and I click the hotspot and it does its thing for a second and then it says can’t connect to this network, I restarted the PI and my computer and it does not change. any advice?


In some cases the hotspot might be unstable. Please try several times.


Thats the problem. I dont want to click reload 50 times and hope it works one of the times. Using the astrobox is turning into dealing with insanity. I do the same thing over and over again and expect different results, thats insane.


This only applies to connecting to the hotspot’s WiFi during setup. If your connection is unstable once connected to your home/office WiFi, this might have to do more with signal strength and internet availability. I suggest you try with cable to see if things improve.

We have not seen problems when connecting the AstroBox to a WiFi.

For setup you have alternatives, if your hotspot is unstable or you don’t have a dongle for the hotspot. Please see this: