Cannot find right slicing settings for creality ender 3 v2

Hello everybody,

I have just bought a creality ender v2 which is my first 3d printer. I also don‘t have any 3d printing experience.

After setting up the ender 3 v2, I tried to print my first model which was created by myself. So I took the stl file and sliced it with astroprint. I chose the best print quality. After slicing, which looked good, I started printing this model.
The skirt and the first layers looked very good but the next layers were printed very bad.
So I started to slice new ones and changed the parameters again and again. It partly became better but it still looked bad.
I also tried to took settings from internet/youtube videos, which I found, but everything didn‘t work.

I thought that maybe I built the printer up badly. So I printed the test files which came with the printer, a cat and a dog. Both files were printed very good with fine layers. So I‘m sure that the printer works, but the slicer settings are wrong.
Maybe someone of you has experience with astroprint and the ender3 v2 and can tell me the right settings and also if cura 3.6.0 is the correct slicer to choose.

Thank you very much for your help and greetings to everyone,


Just tried it again with 100% infill (not 20%), but the same problem…

Left was the first one. The middle one was my second try, which became better, but still bad and the right one was the third one, which became worse again. And so on it didn’t became betterer than the middle one.

The bottom

The test file, which was printed good