Certain File just stops at 5% every time


Hello All,

I have a file that i have been trying to print for a friend, but no mater how i save or alter the file it always stops printing at 5 to 6 % with or with our supports, not the printer uploads fine but seems to crash at the 5% mark, this is the only file it does it with link below to the object on Thingyverse,

No also i have noticed at the end of the print some time with other things the printer does no return home,

I have a CTC Printer running the latest version of Sailfish

The arduino is on the latest and most recent firmware as of the 22/11/17



I’d be curious to separate it out from being a printer issue Vs. an astroprint issue…

This might be a case where you just put it on an SD card and try printing it from the SD card and see if it still crashes the CTC. If it still crashes then you know it is printer/file issue. (it’s labled work in progress on Thingiverse, so could be a bad file or bad upload, etc…)

If it ran just fine then maybe a communications issue on the CTC via the USB to the astroprint? Follow up on that would be to print some other file then and see if it has a similar reaction after you verified that the print is only bad via astroprint and works good via the SD card slot.


turns out it was a bad cable on the Y axis and when the printer head moved in a certain way it caused the cable to break…


Thanks for letting us know @Matthew_Austen