Confused about Slicer Settings and Material Profiles

I set up some custom Slicer Settings and Material Profiles with no problem. However, the Slicer Settings include setting the extruder and bed temps which is related to the material being used. Therefore it seems I have to set up 2 sets of settings for PLA and ABS. Then, to make matters worse, there does not seem to be anyway to duplicate existing settings when creating a new one. When slicing, I specify the material profile, which should be sufficient to set the temperatures, but instead it loads a different set of slicer settings and uses the temperature within the selected setting.

This is different from every other print management system and seems impossibly cumbersome. Am I missing something about specifying material profiles and copying slicer settings?

Otherwise, I’m really enjoying Astroprint and have switched from Octoprint for daily use. (The only other major nuisance is that the heat turns off after every print but I understand you’ve chosen not to add an option to disable that.) Thanks!