Connect to Taz 6 fails


I just bought and assembled an Astroprint Raspberry pi kit. I logged in and began setup when I discovered it can’t connect to a mixed 2.4ghz/5ghz wifi network. So then I ran an ethernet cable to the printer and connected that way. I was able to log in from elsewhere on my network. Clean connection.

Now when I attempt to connect to my Taz6 it says it can’t connect. I tried changing the baudrate to match the Taz. No change. I then did some digging on the web and saw a recommendation to change the timeout in config.yaml. I did that:
detection: 10
Still no change.

So just now I disconnected the Astroprint and plugged the same USB cable, the same ethernet cable and the same power supply into a Raspberry pi running Octoprint. It connects without difficulty. Any idea what’s going on here? I’m stuck.


What is happening? does it see the port but can’t connect?

The best thing is to enable serial logs in advanced settings, try to connection again to log the failure and then send those logs to us.


OK, I just now (12:45pm EST) sent my log file.


The log shows garbage in the responses from the printer. An indication that the printer is using a different baudrate. You should use 250000, retry and resend logs so I can see if that helped clean the line.


That seems to have done it. I’m now connected. Should I be seeing a printer driver option for the Taz once it is connected?


What do you mean by printer driver for the TAZ? The TAZ uses the marlin driver. Or are you referring to the slicer profile to create print files?


I think I’m confused about the distribution of functionality between the Astrobox and the web site. I expected that when I connected my printer via USB the box would recognize it as a Taz 6 or prompt me to specify the printer I’m using. It seems that only happens on the web site…
Is there documentation or a manual that clarifies how it all hangs together?



We haven’t really done a manual yet, sorry. The printer model is relevant to create the print files (slicing) this is done by our cloud, therefore the printer profile at the cloud site will make sure your print file is good for your printer.

The AstroBox can send such pint file to any compatible printer. There are two drivers (GCODE and S3G). The Taz uses GCODE.

I hope this makes sense.