Creality CR10s + Astroprint



I recently got a Creality CR10s. I was previously printing using factory setup off an SD card.

I sent a couple prints from Thingiverse to my printer using Astroprint. Now I am getting bubbles / blobs on the surface of the print. I went back and printed of the SD card. Do I not have the Printer or Filament setting correct?


I have seen something similar, does the head stop and pause at times? When it happened to me, I reloaded the sd card, in that regard, make sure you’re using a quality sd card in your pi, I tend to have problems with cheap ones, so I usually stick to sandisk purchased directly from amazon (so I don’t get a knock off). You can also log directly into the pi using your local address (name.local) or the IP address of the pi, and upload a known working gcode, that would tell you if it’s the online slicer or the pi it’s self.


Yes, it would pause and squirt out the ball and keep going. Leads me to believe it is in the Slicer or GCode? No an expert at all this yet.

The SD card came with the Astrobox product. I used the to get the Mario model off Thingiverse and send to the printer. After I caught it doing this I canceled the job and send another job off the SD card that came with the printer. It printed fine. The Astrobox is just running the OS and sending jobs to the control box. I imagine the whole thing would not run if the card was back. If it is… then I need to get a new card, etchit and load up Astroprint again?