Creality Ender 3 astroboxtouch dropped printer connection

Anyone trying ABT with an Ender 3? i get a few minutes into a print and then it randomly drops the printer connection. (well, i guess actually the printer disconnects) Not sure if it is my ABT or the Ender3. Any suggestions or hints? It comes back on when i go back into the connections menu but by then the motherboard restarts on the ender3 and the print is gone, etc.

I did wonder about cutting the 5v. In my usb cable to see if that is the issue… As the ABT wants to power the printer board as soon as it is connected.

Thanks for any suggestions or fixes.

Just a follow up…

I swapped cables today and tried again. So far, so good. Always start with the easy stuff… :):smirk:

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Another followup, surprised I’ve had this for that long!!! The 5V over USB from Raspberry Pi can be an issue. I made up my own version of this product with parts I had laying around. You can also cut the 5V line in the USB cable or even put tape over the VCc Pin on the USB. The nice thing about making a dongle like this is the non destructive nature.

This is what I made because I didn’t want to wait for shipping. It’s been great so far.

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