Default print quality options


I’m using astroprint with a 7" Pi touch screen and all works fairly well but I want to know if I can edit the “Normal” print quality option when printing from the screen, I know I can customise the print setting and save them with another name or print from my PC with a one time change but I want to change the first layer height on all the settings permenantley to 0.2mm, 0.3mm is too high for me to get a good first layer.



Those settings are meant to be manufacturer-controlled. This use case is why we built the user-controlled custom settings.

While I understand that it might bring some convenience to you, I think it’s marginal compared with the problems that allowing overriding of presets can cause in customer support, etc. It’s a good thing to always have a tested set of settings to go back to for troubleshooting.


But having built my own printer and using another bought one for a couple of years, I would never use a 0.3mm first layer, I had a few bad 1st layers on some prints before I realised what caused it.

But I get your point, reference settings are all well and good but flexibility is also important to most makers. Default is default… Until you don’t want them anymore.


I think you may be to the point of graduating from AstroPrint. As i’m using it more and more i’m learning, not really limitations but i think i’m falling off of it’s target audience. As i’m learning more and wanting more control i’m starting to wonder if i should use octoprint with the astroprint app. I’m still new so i’m going to stick around for a while but i know now i’m going to need more control as i add things to my printer.