Flashforge Adventurer 3

Hi there, I´ve been using astroprint with all my i3 printers (different manufacturers), but now I own a FF Adventurer 3, and I´m wondering if someone has a good slicer settings for sharing (and maybe printer settings as well as gcode for start/end).
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Pabloevaristo, FF printers have proprietary firmware which is not compatible with the AstroBox (unless something change). Are you able to communicate with the printer using the AstroBox?

No, I´m not using Astroprint as a direct printer connection (no AstroBox). I use astroprint as a Management system of all my models (and some printers connected with octoprint).
But I just want to know if someone as the slicer profile for the Adventurer 3 so I can do the slicing like I do for all my other 3d printers.

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I have a Monoprice Voxel, which is basically identical to the FF Adventurer 3. I don’t see how you can use the Astroprint Slicer as Adventurer/Voxel requires .gx, not .gcode files. If you google, there are ways to convert .gcode to .gx but they require some serious editing of gcode files and IMHO, life’s too short for that. For other printers I use Cura to slice, upload the gcode file and use Astroprint for job control, but for the Voxel I just stick with the Flashprint software, which actually does a very decent job, and Astroprint doesn’ get involved.

Good point! Did not think about that…:grimacing:
So, yes, definently I will not use Astroprint for my Adventurer 3…
And I totally agree with you, Flashprint software works flawlessly, it has even repaired some models that other slicers didn’t.